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Handy little tool?

Ian McCallion
For my own purposes I have written a utility exploiting the drag and drop facility of Windows to run an Octave command on each of a selection of files in a folder. To use:

A. Type:
     consoleinput 'anyfunction options fqfn options'
     "anyfunction options fqfn options"  is the prototype command to be
     "fqfn" must be part of the command and is substituted for the
          filename of the file to be operated on.
B. Select one or more files and drag-and-drop them into the octave window
C. Octave will then execute the command 
        anyfunction options filename options
    for each file selected in step B.

This seems as though it could be useful to others (though I have no idea if drag and drop works the same way in Unix as it does in windows, which if not would limit it's utility rather!)

The function is attached below if anyone would like to experiment with it. I am willing to try to make this available generally if anyone thinks it would be worthwhile but I would need guidance.

Cheers... Ian

consoleinput.m (2K) Download Attachment