Have_Round macro defined during configure process

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Have_Round macro defined during configure process

Clinton Chee-2

Why does the configure process of octave-2.1.63 thinks there is a native
function called 'round' when there doesn't seem to be one.

This results in compiling error:
  cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = lo-mappers.cc, Line = 83
   The identifier "round" is undefined.

      return round (x);
*****            ^

Looking in the config.h file (which is auto created during configure
process), there is:
  /* Define to 1 if you have the `round' function. */
#define HAVE_ROUND 1

Looking in the configure.in file, which I suspect check for the 'round'
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(atexit basename bcopy bzero dup2 endgrent endpwent execvp \
   fcntl fork getcwd getegid geteuid getgid getgrent getgrgid \
   getgrnam getpgrp getpid getppid getpwent getpwuid gettimeofday \
   getuid getwd _kbhit kill link localtime_r lstat memmove mkdir \
   mkfifo mkstemp on_exit pipe poll putenv raise readlink rename \
   rindex rmdir round select setgrent setpwent setvbuf sigaction \
   siglongjmp sigpending sigprocmask sigsuspend stat strcasecmp strdup \
   strerror strftime stricmp strncasecmp strnicmp strptime symlink \
   tempnam umask unlink usleep vfprintf vsprintf vsnprintf waitpid)

What went wrong that resulted in HAVE_ROUND being defined as 1?

I'm on an SGI IRIX-6.5 system, with MIPSpro compilers 7.4.

I know that when I manually COMMENT OUT the "#define HAVE_ROUND 1", the
compilation does not break at the above mentioned point anymore.



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