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Stéfan van der Walt
In our discussion on the packaging format, I referred to code that
handles INDEX files.  I attach it here, since I think it will be
useful when implementing `help("toolbox")'-style functions.

The interface is very simple.  You can load an INDEX with


Concatenate two indeces by doing

a + b

(this takes into account toolboxes/categories)

and print indeces by doing

std::cout << a;

Also, $variables are expanded.

Any references to `opi' in the code is to "Octave Package Installer",
which is what I called it back then.  A sample program and two small
INDEX files are attached as well.


Index.h (3K) Download Attachment (7K) Download Attachment (821 bytes) Download Attachment
MERGEA (184 bytes) Download Attachment
MERGEB (357 bytes) Download Attachment