Image Acquisition Toolbox with Windows

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Image Acquisition Toolbox with Windows

David E. Squires

I’m trying to install the image-acquisition toolbox in Octave version 4.0.2 and am getting the following error:


>> pkg install -forge image-acquisition

configure: error: unable to find the v4l2_open() function

checking for g++... g++

checking whether the C++ compiler works... yes

checking for C++ compiler default output file name... a.exe

checking for suffix of executables... .exe

checking whether we are cross compiling... no

checking for suffix of object files... o

checking whether we are using the GNU C++ compiler... yes

checking whether g++ accepts -g... yes

checking for mkoctfile... yes

checking for fltk-config... /usr/bin/fltk-config

checking for v4l2_open in -lv4l2... no


pkg: error running the configure script for image-acquisition.

error: called from 'configure_make' in file C:\Octave\Octave-4.0.2\share\octave\4.0.2\m\pkg\private\c

onfigure_make.m near line 79, column 9


I understand there are build dependencies (libv41-dev,libfltk1.1-dev) for this toolbox, but I don’t know how those dependencies extend to a windows system.


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Re: Image Acquisition Toolbox with Windows

Recently quite similar post was made

See reply by Philip on the above

For libfltk, octave of windows includes this, you may not have to build it..
However you have to build lv4l2 by yourself.
As Philip wrote in the above thread, it may not  to be easy.