Introducing SLF4O, a little logging library for GNU Octave

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Introducing SLF4O, a little logging library for GNU Octave

Hi, Octave folks,

I have a new small Octave package you may be interested in: SLF4O, a
simple logging framework for GNU Octave. Preview release 0.1.0 is out now.

SLF4O provides a small API and back-end for doing logging in Octave. The
API provides logger.* functions that accept sprintf-style placeholders
but do lazy evaluation (for performance) and are object-aware. The
back-end sits on top of Log4j and can log to the console, files, or
other logging destinations that Log4j supports.

This provides (IMHO) a simple interface at the code call site, and
supports fine-grained run-time configurability of logging behavior, so
you can change the verbosity of your logging without having to alter
your source code.

This may be of interest to people using Octave in automated environments
or writing larger programs that need to be debugged.

Thanks to Maria Jose Casas Serrano for inspiring me to port this to Octave.