Linking with libg++ in octave

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Linking with libg++ in octave

John W. Eaton-6
On  9-Jan-1997, [hidden email] <[hidden email]> wrote:

: In the octave-2.0.1/src/Makefile, there are explicit linking of
: libg++ at three instances:
: two in the ``# How to make a .oct file from a .o file:'' part
: one in the octave target.
: Is this really necessary? I thought that using c++ (which implies
: libstdc++ that does not differ that much from libg++) and only
: stdc++ (whatever that is) search for include files. This is good
: since the code, maybe, becomes less compiler dependent. However,
: explicit linkage of libg++ indicate, to me, that something is still
: compiler dependent.
: Yes, there is no standard for C++, just Working paper draft, etc.,
: but I believe the thought is that using the c++ front-end indicates
: this kind of solutions, whereas using the g++ front-end implies Gnu
: extension.

libg++ and libstdc++ are not the same.

You are right that if you use the command `c++' to invoke the GNU C++
compiler, -lg++ is not added to the link command.

Since Octave no longer depends on functions found in libg++, I've
removed the references to it in src/

I don't really know how `compiler dependent' Octave's source code is.
I've not tried to build it with any compiler other than g++ in a very
long time.  I do know that Octave still depends on extensions to the
iostream library that are provided by the GNU iostream library (the
ostream::form, ostream::vform functions, for example).