Matlab's rand function

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Matlab's rand function

Bart Vandewoestyne-3
I think we can be pretty sure that the m-file implementation at

really describes the built in rand function of Matlab R13 (I can only
test up until that release here at work):

>> version

ans = (R13)

>> any(any(rand(100)-randtx(100)))

ans =


Now the only thing I would like to know for sure is on what paper this
implementation is based.  The only information I have up until now is
the 'Random Thoughts' paper from Cleve Moler...

Concerning the license issues: if we have enough theoretical information
on the generator used in Matlab, maybe we don't really need to look at
randtx.m and can try to implement it ourselves, based on the papers
describing the algorithm?


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