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Matlab's random number generator

Bart Vandewoestyne-3
Hello all,

I've taken a look at the randtx.m file, and i think i understand most
of it.  Just to get to know Octave-non-m-file-programming, i would like
to try to implement this as a built-in Octave function and see if i
can get the same random numbers as Matlab R13.

Since this would be the first time i write non-m-file-code for Octave, i
would like to know what is the place to start for me?  Where should the
code i write for randtx hook in?  What documentation/other code can i
best take a look at to see some examples on how to do this?

In the first place, this is my very own personal experimental project,
but if I succeed, i might as well send you the source code.  I cannot
garantuee that i succed though ;-)


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