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Matlab toolboxs

John Bartoszewski
        I'm trying to convince a professor that Octave is the package
for him to use in his course, but he is comparing Octave to Matlab,
which I have never used, so I'll ask his question here.

        I will definitely try to use Octave.  And, as you say, the
        price is right.  As for MATLAB, there are interesting
        toolboxes that extend its power, eg for signal processing,
        control, neural networks, etc.  Does Octave have extensions
        like that?  The most interesting one for 340 [the course in
        question] would probably be the signal processing toolbox, and
        secondly, some toolbox that supports simulations based on
        differential equations.

Do these toolboxes exist for Octave? Are they freeware addons that
could be easily converted to Octave?

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