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New test fail

Doug Stewart-4
I have

doug@doug-desktop:~/octavecompile/octave$ hg tip
changeset:   14232:3e94663fc3e9
tag:         tip
user:        Rik <[hidden email]>
date:        Wed Jan 18 21:27:13 2012 -0800
files:       scripts/miscellaneous/news.m
news.m: Revamp implementation of function.

* news.m: Put input checking first.  Close file handle when done.
Add tests.  Update docstring.

 and I get this failed test

>>>> processing /home/doug/octavecompile/octave/src/
>>>>> processing /home/doug/octavecompile/octave/src/
  ***** test
 assert(sscanf('1,2', '%f', 'C'), 1)
 assert(sscanf('1,2', '%f', 'fr_FR'), 1.2)
!!!!! test failed
assert (sscanf ('1,2', '%f', 'fr_FR'),1.2) expected
but got
values do not match
>>>>> processing /home/doug/octavecompile/octave/src/