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Re: Website update

John W. Eaton wrote
I was looking to update the community news page and noticed that it is
now automatically generated from some other source (I'm still not sure
exactly where, as I don't completely follow the dependencies yet).
Well, I pushed a cset, that merges all relevant layout and Jekyll code into `/community-news.html` now. This is now the only file to work on.

John W. Eaton wrote
In the file, I see


I agree that it is usually undesirable to have multiple independently
maintained sources for the same information.

However, I wouldn't really count the news item on the wiki, at least as
it currently exists, since it simply mentions the release.  Probably the
wiki news item should just point to the NEWS page on the web site.
Yes, I thought of the Wiki extension and replacing the news section by the line:

<rss max=3 highlight="GNU Octave news"></rss>

John W. Eaton wrote
Also, I would like to maintain the community news page separately from
the  other news.  It is really only intended to be displayed in the GUI.
  There don't need to be any other links to it and it may be used to
pass along information to users that doesn't belong on the NEWS page of
the web site.

For the GUI to display the community-news.html file, the serial number
in the header must be incremented (yes, I probably should have made a
note of that in the .in file).  As far as I can tell, that hasn't
happened for the current release, so people who have existing
installations of Octave probably haven't seen the release announcement.
Ah okay, I didn't know of that mechanism. I documented it inside `/community-news.html` now.

For Jekyll it is no problem controlling which news (Jekyll jargon: "posts") and how many (currently 3) are displayed. There is a feature called "categories". See for example the post of the current release:

There "categories: news" is currently used for all news. We can define, that less important news, that should definitely not be shown in the GUI, must have "categories: other", or alike. I updated the `/community-news.html` to only consider posts of "categories: news".

John W. Eaton wrote
To fix that, I modified the file _layouts/community-news.html and
executed the jekyll build command and it seems to have updated the
_site/community-news.html file.  Then I updated the CVS directory and
compared my newly generated _site/community-news.html file with the one
in the CVS archive.  There were more differences than just the serial
number (see the attached diffs.txt file).  Why is that happening?  Is it
a difference in the version of tools?  I'm using a Debian system and it
looks like I have Jekyll version 3.1.6+dfsg-3.
Yes, only the "id" naming convention differs between the versions. But there is nothing to worry about. Jekyll produces entirely consistent and valid static HTML5 markup. If that id change affected any links, they would have been updated as well. That is what I like about Jekyll.

John W. Eaton wrote
Even though updating the web site is just a single command, maybe it
would make sense to have a Makefile for that?  Also, to deploy the web
site requires a lot more complicated stuff that could probably go in a
Makefile rule.  At least for me, it's much more obvious to look in a
Makefile for rules about building something than to search for a list of  
commands to copy and paste to execute.  Maybe we could even ignore the
fact that we have to use CVS if we used a Makefile rule to do the deploy
step.  It could checkout to a temporary directory, update the files,
commit changes, and delete the temporary directory.
I provided an idea of a Makefile for automating deployment, but it will still require you to authenticate with the Savannah server.