Newby needs help w/ octave plots

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Newby needs help w/ octave plots

Jack A Walker

     I recently installed octave on my Linux 1.2.1 system and I am having
problems plotting.  Octave launches gnuplot to plot the graph on the screen.
Unfortunately when I press enter to close the graph and return to octave nothing
seems to happen.  If I press control c both gnuplot and  octave are terminated.
I have 'set terminal linux' in .gnuplot.  I have tried 'set terminal x11' to be
able to do plots from octave run in an xterm but similar undesirable effects
occur.  By the way when I have run the gnuplot demos everything works as I would
expect so I suspect the octave interface to gnuplot is the culprit.

     The command I am using to plot the data vectors x and y are: