OCL package: preliminary support for Octave 4.4/5.1

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OCL package: preliminary support for Octave 4.4/5.1

Matthias W. Klein
Dear octave maintainers,

my latest commit to the OCL repo [1] added many compiler switches to
enable *compilation* on Octave 4.4 and 5.1.

However, for Octave >= 4.4, no full functionality is achieved in this
revision:  The interpreter methods of the new C++ data types 'ocl *
matrix' (as_index, sum, repmat, etc.) do not run, because of the lack of
a mechanism internal to octave (Octave version 4.4 abandoned

This revision and email notification is intended for developers
interested in testing and supporting towards full OCL functionality in
the current Octave version.  Feedback is welcome, by e-mail or
project ticket.