OctConf 2018, last day -- a plan for 2019

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OctConf 2018, last day -- a plan for 2019

Carnë Draug
Hi everyone

We have just finished OctConf which a discussion about what we will do
for OctConf next year.  We have added a lot of notes to the wiki [1]
but basically:

* OctConf 2019 will be aimed at developers meeting.  Anyone is welcome
  but the focus will be on coding and discussion of development

* CERN has offered to host us again next year.  We will wait 1 month
  to see if anyone is interested on organising it elsewhere, otherwise
  we will take CERN offer.

* It will happen at end of March, beginning of April.

* There will be a registration fee of ~ 20€


[1] https://wiki.octave.org/OctConf_2018_Notes#Thursday