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Paul Kienzle-3

On Oct 26, 2005, at 3:55 AM, David Bateman wrote:

> Jorge Barros de Abreu a écrit :
>> How i receive a message saying to me that the file xxxxxxx was
>> changed?
> Jorge,
> I think you need to ask these questions to Paul, as I'm not sure how
> the translation packages work. I believe he extracted the DOCSTRINGS
> file and split it into individual files for you to translate though I
> can't be sure that is how he did it. I believe that 2.9.4 will be
> released fairly soon from what John has been saying and so I'd suggest
> that to have a solid base that when 2.9.4 is release Paul can create
> or show you how to create a new set of base files from which to
> translate and check against...

David is correct.  We need to get the two DOCSTRINGS files from the new
octave build and split them in octave-lang/base/octave/help with the
command octave-lang/admin/split_docstrings.  Then we do a cvs commit on
that directory (to update all the revision numbers of the files that
have changed) and 'cvs rtag 2.9.4' in the octave/help directory.

Next we will need to write octave-lang/admin/listnew which lists the
files in the pt subtree which have a version number older than the
files in octave-lang/base.

Then we will need to write octave-lang/admin/changes which pops up a
'cvs diff' or 'tkdiff' between the version number listed in the
translated file and the latest version in the base archive.

- Paul

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