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Colin Macdonald
Hi Carnë,

I guess you've figured it out, but I sent this earlier (to the wrong
list by accident).

Others: just a heads up that @octave.org addresses are still broken for me.


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Subject: Octave Forge: releases
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 17:48:12 +0000
From: Colin Macdonald <[hidden email]>
To: octave maintainers mailing list <[hidden email]>

Hi Carnë,

1. How do I put a release up?  Send you the binary?  Or do I have to do
something on sourceforge?  SF repo is up-to-date, just unsure of the
binary part...

2. Other website stuff: do I do this or do you?  Specifically the
"Function Reference" section

You probably told me his before, but I've forgotten, sorry!


Colin Macdonald
Associate Professor
Tutorial Fellow at Oriel College
University of Oxford

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