Octave installation on DOS?

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Octave installation on DOS?

John Fletcher-7
I want to get Octave running under DOS.
The possible environments are
a) DJGPP port of GCC 2.2.2
b) EMX port of GCC (I am not sure which version of GCC)

1) The Gnuplot Beta developers report problems with DJGPP because
SUGNALS are not available for Floating point failures.
2) There is not a dos port of the equivalent Fortran compiler,
 so all the *.f programs would have to be run through f2c and then
compiled a c or c++.

Other thoughts.
I have been using a DJGPP port of DLD, the GNU dynamic loader.  This
could be used with the C++ classes for numerical methods, so that
only those in use are in memory.  DLD 3-2-3 does support C++ member
functions, but not constructors, but the name mangling has to be done
by hand to call the routines once loaded.

Any comments please


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