OdePkg-0.8.4 does not install on GNU Octave-3.8.2

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OdePkg-0.8.4 does not install on GNU Octave-3.8.2

Ananda Murthy R S-3

When I try to install the package in GNU Octave-3.8.2, it stops with this error message:

odepkg_auxiliary_functions.cc: In function 'octave_value odepkg_auxiliary_makestats(octave_value_list, octave_idx_type)':
odepkg_auxiliary_functions.cc:374:14: warning: 'Octave_map' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/octave-3.8.2/octave/oct-map.h:484) [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
   Octave_map vretval;
/bin/sh: -march=i486: command not found
make: *** [cash/mebdfdae.o] Error 127
pkg: error running `make' for the odepkg package.

Any solutions?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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