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On 2/18/20 3:58 AM, Shivam Baranwal 19BCE1350 via Help list for GNU
Octave wrote:

> Sir, I have been referred by Mr. Nicholas Jankowski and he told me to
> speak to you. After going through the projects in detail, I have found
> my interest in the Image analysis project that works to improve octave's
> image IO. I now have a very clear idea of what the project deals with
> and have gone to the depths of the things that are required in it. A C++
> class can be implemented to create new octave class def functions that
> might enhance the graphical features of the output. The Tiff can also be
> implemented using class definition around libtiff. This tiffclass will
> then enhance the read,write and info for Tiff files. This can then be
> implemented on matlab to include the file to octave at a later stage. I
> am very excited to handle and to contribute to this project for the
> Google Summer Of Code 2020 along with you. Please consider me as a
> capable team member because I am a very hardworking and determined
> student. Please write to me soon.
> Thank you!

Welcome Shivam,

Thank you for your interest in Octave.  This thread seems more suited
for the maintainers than help mailing list.  Your text does not convince
me that you have a clear idea of this project [1].  More like a weird
summary of [1].  Please regard the following points:

- Nothing should be "implemented on Matlab".  Matlab is not required for
this GSoC.  GNU Octave exists as a free Matlab compatible alternative.
In this GSoC Octave should become even better.

- The Octave and Matlab language have some feature called
"classdef"-classes [2].  Please read a bit to get an idea what the wiki
is dealing with.