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Re: Help w/installing octave on Linux box

John Eaton-3
On Sat, 03 Jul 93 14:48:15 PDT, [hidden email] (Eugene Kim) wrote:

: I downloaded octave 0.72 and attempted to install it on my 486DX running
: Linux v0.99 pl9.  Everything was compiling fine until it tried to make
: the stuff in /liboctave and /src.  Then, make gave me the following
: message:
: ...
: making all in liboctave
: Makefile:110: extraneous text after `include'
: /usr/include/:1: missing separator.  Stop.

I think this is a problem with old versions of GNU make.  It works for
me with the latest release.

Even if you manage to compile version 0.72, it's not likely to work
correctly on Linux systems.  I think most of the problems have been
fixed.  Expect to see 0.73 in a week or so.


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