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Re: License Andy Adler's code in Octave-Forge

Carnë Draug-2
Hi everyone

I realize now I should have CC'ed the mailing list from the start to
have this public. Doing it now for those purposes.

I asked Andy to relicense his code in OF (image and general package)
and he agreed to do it for GPLv3+. I have just made the commit that
does exactly that.


On 5 November 2012 22:04, Andy Adler <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi Carnë
> Sorry for the delay.
> I'm happy to see it relicenced under the GPL 3+ if you'd like.
> Thanks for doing this.
> --
> Andy Adler <[hidden email]> +1-613-520-2600x8785
> On 5 November 2012 13:44, Carnë Draug <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> Hi Andy
>> could you please take a look at this soon? I want to make a new
>> release of the image package but the license you wrote for,
>> bwselect, bwfill and rotate_scale are a blocker. Again, I would
>> recommend that you choose GPLv3+. Otherwise, simplified BSD would work
>> fine. Just write back to me which one and I'll take care of everything
>> else.
>> Thanks,
>> Carnë
>> On 28 October 2012 14:40, Carnë Draug <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>> Hi Andy
>>> I'm Carnë Draug, current maintainer of the Octave Forge project and
>>> the image package. We have a couple of your functions written by you
>>> in the project. We are very thankful of your contribution but I'm
>>> afraid that the non-standard license you have chosen may become a
>>> problem. Your license text reads:
>>> // Copyright (C) 1999 Andy Adler
>>> // This code has no warrany whatsoever.
>>> // Do what you like with this code as long as you leave this copyright in place.
>>> Could you please use a more standard one? Being able to give it a
>>> recognisable name not only eases our organisation but also its
>>> acceptance by downstream package maintainers such as Debian. From
>>> Debian's upstream guide "Please do not write your own license text if
>>> you can at all avoid it. Depending on your wishes, the GPL, LGPL or a
>>> BSD-style license will most likely be appropriate, and it is far
>>> easier to tell whether something is allowed if we can look at past
>>> discussions of the same text. "
>>> I would prefer if you choose something such as GPLv3+ of course. Your
>>> later contributions to the project were actually under this license,
>>> only your older code shows this license. However, if you wish to keep
>>> the spirit of the current license, some less typical license which
>>> have at least already been revised by the FSF and OSI are (I tried to
>>> sort them in order of how closely they enforce the principles in your
>>> current license):
>>> * simplifiedBSD (the license in this link is the FreeBSD license. The
>>> simplified BSD refers to the same but without the disclaimer at the
>>> bottom)
>>> * ICS license
>>> * Fair license
>>> * WTFPL
>>> (not the this one is almost public and would also allow to remove the
>>> copyright provided the name is also changed)
>>> The files in question are:
>>> On the file
>>> there is also a notice on line 138 mentioning that part of the code
>>> bears is under that same copyright notice.
>>> I'm sorry to bother with such non-scientific things. I'm not a lawyer
>>> myself, but unfortunately things like this need to be made clear.
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Carnë Draug

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