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Re: [Mingw-users] compile failure in <winnt.h>

Paul Thomas-10
Danny Smith wrote:

>You may have hit a compiler parsing bug (fixed in later gcc).  Try
>breaking up the
>of _IMAGE_AUX_SYMBOL in winnt.h  into

This did not do it for me.  I tried to reproduce the problem in small
test programme and, following a suggestion from John Eaton, I took a
look at the temporaries, to see if the expansion of the structure was
OK.   All this was to no avail.  Finally, I removed the offending
declaration, in its entirity, since it is not used in the building if
the library concerned, and the compilation went through.  I have not yet
completed the build of octave because I am still, to my chagrin, missing
an external library.  However, progress has been made!

Thanks for your help

Paul Thomas