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Juan Pablo Carbajal-2
Hi Sebastian,

Please do not send private message,s use the mailing lists

> I ran into the issue caused by matGeom shadowing some of the functionality in Octave 5.1 (as compared to 4.x). But I quickly realized that the Octave Forge only has 3.0.0 whereas you recently released 4.0.0 of the package. Is it still waiting for some kind of approval or does it need to be explicitly tagged/pushed?
You can use the repository verison. The formal release is delayed
because I forgot to add a new function to the index.

> Also, I am a bit confused why has a link to the Mercurial geometry repository but a homepage link to the matGeom Github repo. Are they being developed in tandem?
As of 4.0.0 that link won't be in the geometry package. There is now a
matgeom package[1] (which I forgot to add the link to, thanks!)
Yes, geometry and matgeom are developed in parallel and I try to make
upstream add the improvements done in geometry. But I had little
success in the past.