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On 02/25/2016 09:00 AM, [hidden email] wrote:
Le 24/02/2016 19:24, Daniel Kraft a écrit :
I've been quite busy over the last couple of weeks, but I would like to
push forward with HTML export of profiler data now (see [1]).  In
addition to the patch as posted, I have some ideas for further extending
the HTML output -- but I suggest to merge the basic functionality first.


I like the suggested CSS addition by ederag.  However, I'm not sure if
styling should go directly into the HTML template.  Another idea,
borrowed from how Gnucash does HTML reports, is the following:

We could create a standalone CSS file that contains our rules (might be
more in the future, or we might also add JS files to enhance the report
even more).  This file could be installed in a /usr/share location, and
then referenced (at this location) from the generated HTML files.  This
seems like a cleaner way, although it means that HTML files may not be
portable to other machines -- not sure if that should be a design goal
or not.

What do you think, does that sound like a good idea?  Or should we
include all relevant styling (and in the future possibly scripting) in
the HTML template itself in the .m file?

In my opinion, the approach with a separate CSS file is cleaner. And it is more efficient if you think of a complicated report made of several HTML pages (which can share the same CSS file).

But being able to export a "portable" profiling summary, that can be read by someone with a different version of Octave installed (or with no Octave at all), would be a very nice additional feature.

You could get both by :

a) going for the "separate CSS file" approach,

b) but copying the CSS file(s) from /usr/share/... to the directory containing the report.

Just my two cents.


I agree with Julien.  I like the separate CSS file approach.  I'm super busy right now though so you will need to arrange for someone else to check in the changes.