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John Donoghue-3

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Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 16:29:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: PhilipNienhuis <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Re: Building on MinGW using MXE-built dependencies [WAS: Re:
        mxe-installer try 2]
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John Donoghue-2 wrote
> On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 8:50 PM, John Donoghue &lt;

> john.david.donoghue@

> &gt; wrote:
>>  Ive been playing with trying to compile using mxe-octave on mingw this
>> I didn't get far :)
>> All the build-xxx tools seem to install ok, with the exception of flex,
>> so
>> I skipped it and installed msys-flex.
>> lapack had issues with not being able to find ar and ranlib - it looks
>> like they need be full _path_ names rather than just the ar/ranlib name
>> in
>> order to be used by cmake - I removed the AR/RANLIB in the mk file.
>> cmake also kept trying to pull in visual studio stuff even though it
>> wasn't in the path, until I specified -G 'MSYS Makefiles'
>> For some reason it also wouldn't install the libraries, even though it
>> displayed 'Installing liblapack.dll' etc
>> I had to add explicit install lines to the mk file in order to install
>> the
>> .dll, dll.a and lapack.pc file.
>> arpack wouldn't untar due to invalid links in the file - an update to
>> 3.1.3 fixed that (I pushed the change for this)
>> nettle installed ok
>> gnutls has issues with not being able to link correctly ith a lot of
>> errors such as undefined reference to gnutls_certificate_get_peers ...
>> I tried updating to the latest gnutls on the off chance that would help
>> (which then forced an update to nettle) but got the same undefined
>> reference issues.
>> And that was about as far as I got.
> Another update - I have managed to compile everything (well almost) up
> until octav, using mingw, and some mods to .mk files.
> I am using a native install of Qt, rather than compiling QT and its
> dependancies, and was using the system gcc.

Which version? 4.6.2?

> When it gets to compiling octave, it has issues in configure, not being
> able to find some functiosn from libgcc.

You get message like "undefined reference to `vtable for octave_base_value'"



Qt 4.8.0 mingw installed in windows c:\Qt\4.8.0, and then the lib,include and bin folder copied over into mxe-octave/usr/i686-pc-mingw/
Likewise I installed ghostscript ghostscript9.07, and copied the gswin32c.exe to /usr/bin/gs.exe, and it seems to be good enough so far for working ghostscript
On another note, I am currently installing binutils and gcc from source outside of mxe-octave - its still compiling right now, however hasn't failed where it was when I was trying to make it in mxe-octave - something in mxe interfering?