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Muthiah Annamalai-3

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Subject: Re: R: Octave Profiler experimental version
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 2010 01:30:16 -0600
From: Muthiah Annamalai <[hidden email]>
To: Riccardo Corradini <[hidden email]>
CC: John W. Eaton <[hidden email]>, [hidden email]
References: <[hidden email]>

Riccardo Corradini wrote:

> I would try even the "buggy" oldest one , then by doxygen I will make
> a comparison between the old and newest version of octave.
> I would like to try anyway, but I need the whole patch, and to know
> the version of octave synchronized with this.
> Thanks a lot
> Riccardo
> --- *Ven 8/1/10, John W. Eaton /<[hidden email]>/* ha scritto:
>     Da: John W. Eaton <[hidden email]>
>     Oggetto: Octave Profiler experimental version
>     A: "Riccardo Corradini" <[hidden email]>
>     Cc: [hidden email], [hidden email]
>     Data: Venerdì 8 gennaio 2010, 13:45
>     On 8-Jan-2010, Riccardo Corradini wrote:
>     | In Octave 's FAQ there is written:
>     | "Profiler Octave doesn’t have a profiler. Though there is a
>     patch for a flat profiler, that
>     | might become a real profiler sometime in the future. see the thread
>     |
>     | for more details".
>     | Is it all right if I ask you how to apply a working patch for a
>     profiler to current development version 3.3.50+ ?. Could you
>     please post it again to the list?
>     | Thanks a lot for all your help and patience concerning this issue.
>     The interpreter has changed significantly since that patch was
>     posted so I think it would take a quite a bit of work to make it work
>     with the current sources.
>     jwe

Hello there,

The patch is found in the webpage :

I think you would have to revert your hg checkout of Octave to version
as of Jan 2007
and add in all the changes at that point. I dont think it is a wise
idea, but if youre
desperate to use a profiler on your code without the tic/toc strategy
then go for it.

However, I think Octave project would benefit from a profiler written
using the tree-walker
evaluator class, instead of the ugly patches contained in the 2007
postings. I think there
is a new tree-walking evaluator in the octave tree, but I am not sure.

Thanks JWE & all, for the great work on GNU Octave with new releases
following v3.2.


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