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Himanshu Gohel-2

Does anyone else on the list get these robot responses when they
post to the octave-help list?  Is there any way to turn them off?
I noticed that the messages to oactave-help are not sent with the
mail header "Precedence: bulk" (or junk) which would stop auto-
responders such as vacation from replying.  Or am I wrong?

Himanshu Gohel, [hidden email]

------------- Begin Forwarded Message -------------

Date: 19 May 1999 20:01:27 -0000
To: [hidden email]
From: [hidden email]
Subject: Skyper : Fehler Report

Skyper Mail Gateway - Fehler Report

Ein Fehler bei der Verarbeitung Ihres Skyper-Aufrufes ist aufgetreten

Pager number: 5829968
Message text: Re: Octave 2.0.13 on linux & seg fault
Received at : Wed, 19 May 1999 15:57:05 -0400 (EDT)
Status 4: Die maximale Anzahl von Rufen fuer den Pager  wurde ausgesendet

------------- End Forwarded Message -------------