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Re: Where is __gnuplot_replot__ ?

Quentin Spencer
Dmitri A. Sergatskov wrote:

> Joe Koski wrote:
>> As an attempt to remove the annoying warnings about gset and graw
>> from my
>> output, I tried rewriting print.m using only __gnuplot_raw__ with a
>> string
> ...
> I did conversion for all plot functions in octave-forge.
> In
> ...

Thank you Dmitri for doing this work. Because these changes break
backward compatibility, I was hesitant to check these into CVS without
consensus of the other octave-forge developers, but no objections have
been raised since I brought this up previously on the list, so I have
taken the liberty of checking in all of the changes. I think we are due
for a new octave-forge release some time because the old one is, well,
old. However, there are still some other functions in other directories
that should be converted to the new gnuplot syntax before then.