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     I don't know about non-linear fitting in octave (for polynomials
     there's polyfit).
     I used quite a lot the fitting in gnuplot. At least in recent betas it
     workes really well. Anyway it gives you the best fit parameters AND
     the error on these parameters, so that you can verify directly the
     results. Anyway you can compare your fitted curve with your datas
     graphically, plotting both on the same graph.

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Subject: data fitting
Author:  <[hidden email] > at NOVARALINK
Date:    3/13/98 9:40 AM

I'd like to know if there are any functions to fit a user-defined function
to a set of data. I've been looking to the manual but didn't find it.
Now I use the fit command in gnuplot, do you know how reliable it is?
I'd also like to know if you use any software for such problems.
Thanks to everyone, octave is very useful.
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