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Re: regarding JIT compiler for Octave

Le 06/08/2017 à 13:08, Mudit Sharma a écrit :
I am Mudit a C++/Octave enthusiast from India. I recently read about your query about JIT compiler developments for Octave. I asked a query about JIT compiler earlier in April :

I would like to ask if we can collaborate for JIT, I have previous experience with BoostC++ if that can somehow help ?

Hi Mudit,

Please keep the maintainers list in CC.  Discussions about bringing the JIT back to life should be of interest for more than just the two of us.

For sure some help would be welcome.  But how exactly, it depends on what you already know about Octave's internal, it's current JIT (written by Max Brister), LLVM, etc.

I keep track of my progress on this bug report:

What I would like to do first is manage to compile a recent Octave version with LLVM 3.8 (which is the version available in my Debian distribution).  Important changes are needed because Max Brister's code was written for LLVM's "old JIT", which was removed in LLVM 3.6, so we have to use the "MC JIT" instead" I think.  I made some progress but it's not fully working yet (it compiles, but some of the tests do not pass).

Another thing that should be done (perhaps there you can help) is to rebase my work on the default branch (my patches are for the stable branch, currently).  And then test with other LLVM versions, write autoconf macros...

How do you think that you could help ?