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Oscar Marquez [GTS]
Ian Searle write:
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|>  > On  3-Jan-1997, Shahid Masud <[hidden email]> wrote:
|>  >
|>  > : I wonder if anybody has written octave scripts for wavelets. There are many
|>  > : shareware wavelet toolboxes like Uvi_Wave and WaveLab written specifically
|>  > : for Matlab. Has anybody tried to adapt them to octave?
|>  > : I tried to convert WaveLab to octave but it seems to be taking much more time
|>  > : then I can manage.
|>  >
|>  > Can you provide a list of features that Octave needs in order to make
|>  > porting these tools relatively easy?
|>  >
|>  > Thanks,
|>  > jwe

About our wavelet toolbox uvi_wave: you are right, we writing the
toolbox for Matlab and khoros (old version).  

We plant to port uvi_wave to Octave for 2Q (June) 1997.  I hope the
graphics capabilities from gnuplot can support some features of the
toolbox.  Some routines from the toolbox will be writing on C code to
accelerate the applications.  

If you have suggestions about the port or features of uvi_wave, please
send it us.



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