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SGI build questions

Paul Kienzle-2

I'm finding that I have to manually edit configure to build on the
SGI system here.  Are there any other SGI users out there who care to

(1) RLD_FLAGS is currently '-L$(octlibdir)'.  I find that I need it to
be '-rpath $(octlibdir):/usr/local/lib'.  The $(octlibdir) option
seems reasonable, but why was it -L$(octlibdir) before?  

The need for /usr/local/lib on -rpath does not seem reasonable, but man
pages for ld says that /usr/local/lib is not on the load path, so to find
libreadline I need to include it.  

One day I will patch configure so that it will use RLD_FLAGS from the
environment if available.

(2) -lscs causes bus errors when called from g++.  I work around this
by changing -lscs to -lscsskip in configure.  

One day I will patch configure so that we can specify --with-lapack=no and
it will use the lapack supplied with octave.  Currently, 'no' means go
search for a system lapack.

Paul Kienzle
[hidden email]