Welcome GSoC students!

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Welcome GSoC students!

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso-2
( Note: if you reply, please don't cc the help list. I am only cc'ing
  it here to make an announcement, but ongoing discussion about GSoC
  should be in the maintainers' list.)

Welcome, Google Summer of Code students!

The GNU Octave community is happy to announce that we have *NINE* (9,
3*3, or three more times than what we had last year) GSoC students
selected for working with us this summer. They are,

- Ahsan Said <[hidden email]> will be working on the Agora
  website (http://agora.octave.org). I will be mentoring him.

- Vytautas Jančauskas <[hidden email]> will fix audio processing
  for Octave. He will be mentored by Mike Miller.

- Gedeone <[hidden email]> will implement a general purpose
  finite element method library. His mentor is Carlo de Falco.

- Andrej Lojdl <[hidden email]> wants to give Octave a native
  TeX rendering engine for plots. Patric Noffke is his mentor.

- Long-time Octave contributor and Octave-Forge curator Carnë Draug
  <[hidden email]> needs to polish the Octave-Forge image
  processing package for his PhD thesis and make it handle
  N-dimensional images. I will also be his mentor, but he can teach me
  as much about image processing as I can help him with C++.

- Matheus Vieira Portela <[hidden email]> will produce a
  GUI for manipulating closed-loop systems and incorporate it into the
  control package. Doug Stewart is his mentor.

- Riupeng Li <[hidden email]> will incorporate incomplete sparse LU
  and Cholesky factorisations. He will be unofficially mentored by the
  inimitable Youssef Saad, originator of the renowned ITSOL library


  His Octave contact will be Carlo de Falco again.

- Kai Torben Ohlhus <[hidden email]> will also coordinate with
  Riupeng and Carlo and work on other parts of the sparse LU and
  Cholesky factorisations. Nir Krakauer will help him get acquainted
  with Octave and our community.

- LYH <[hidden email]> is new to Octave, but is a competent
  compiler expert. He will continue Max Brister's previous GSoC work
  for giving Octave a JIT compiler, and jwe will mentor him.

Although not a primary mentor for any student, Michael Goffioul will
also help with the mentoring.

A few remarks for everyone. I'll try to be brief.

Mentors, read the GSoC mentor manual:


Students, read the GSoC student guide:


Students, please start a blog and give me an atom or rss feed for it.
I will syndicate it on Planet Octave. Also, give me a preferred image
to use as your "face" to identify you in syndication.


You should blog at least once a week, unless your mentor has a better

Keep as much of your activity as possible public! Your code, your
discussion, your chat, this should all be public. If we don't see
public activity from you, we will start to worry.

In particular, most of your emails to your mentor should CC the
maintainers' list, unless your mentor requests otherwise, and you must
subscribe to the maintainers' list.

Some of you will work on core Octave, some on Octave-Forge, at least
one of you on a completely unrelated codebase. We will set up
infrastructure for you to be able to have write access to our
codebases. Discuss with your mentors what's the best way to proceed.

Finally, remember that our main goal is to attract you, the students,
to become regular contributors to Octave, even after GSoC is over.
Please let us know about any obstacles towards this goal.

Here's to a great GSoC!
- Jordi G. H.
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