Wrapper generator/PGPLOT interface: bug fix

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Wrapper generator/PGPLOT interface: bug fix

Gary Holt-2
There were a couple of problems with installation of the automatic
wrapper generator (matwrap) and the pgplot interface to octave, due to a
combination of my misunderstanding and a bug in the mkoctfile script in
octave.  I've fixed these problems now; the corrected versions are
available from


as before, with instructions.  All you really need is a patch for the
mkoctfile script so it properly supports the -llib option; this is
available from


The bug caused the pgplot example not to be linked with the pgplot
libraries.  As a result, it dumped core when it tried to call them
because their address was undefined.

Thanks to those who sent email about the problem to me and this list.

Gary Holt (626)-395-2882
[hidden email] http://www.klab.caltech.edu/~holt/