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allow loads into a structure variable

John W. Eaton-6
On 30-Oct-2000, Kian Ming Adam Chai <[hidden email]> wrote:

|   The patch allows octave to load variables from a file into a structure
| variable, which is possible in Matlab. Patch is against 2.0.14. Cd to
| octave source and use patch -p1

I've included similar changes in the current development sources of
Octave.  The primary difference is that if Octave is reading a file of
numbers only, x = load ("foo.dat") will return the data as a matrix,
not a structure.  Otherwise, if the file contains data with some
structure (Octaves ascii or binary formats, Matlab v4 or v5 binary
formats, or HDF5 data) s = load ("foo.dat") will return a structure
with elements named after the variables in the file.

In the future, please consider making changes to the current
development sources instead.  This is especially true for any
significant changes.