cygwin package from dev tree (rev abc9e5f3c661)

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cygwin package from dev tree (rev abc9e5f3c661)

marco atzeri-2
I built and packaged octave from recent dev tree
octave-3.7.0+hg20121221-1  for cygwin.
It includes GUI and JIT.

Available here

can be installed with
setup.exe -X -O -s

additional requirement vs octave-3.6.2 version:
     libllvm3.1 libqscintilla2_8 libQtCore4 libQtGui4 libQtNetwork4

so install these packages from before using

$ hg tip
changeset:   15824:abc9e5f3c661
tag:         tip
user:        Rik <[hidden email]>
date:        Fri Dec 21 10:18:38 2012 -0800
summary:     Return correct value for ischar() predicate test on
octave_java objects.

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