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I, too had an installation problem with the ELF binaries under Linux.  I
apologize if this is a Linux problem, and not an octave-specific question, but
if someone can provide a pointer, I would be very grateful.

I got the ELF binaries, gunzip-ped them and tar-red them.  Then I did
sh ./doinstall.sh.  When run, octave asked for the 2.7 g++ libraries, so I got
them and installed them (the instructions just asked for tar-ring, so I'm
fairly sure I did it right).  Now octave gives me a 'segmentation fault'.

Compiling from scratch is a problem for me since I only have about 20 meg open,
and even with the debugging flags off, that seems not to be enough.

Again, I very much would appreciate any pointers anyone could give.

Jim  [hidden email]

Jim Hefferon     Mathematics, St.~Michael's College, Colchester VT, USA   05439
overland: 802-654-2677, over-air: KE1AZ, underground: [hidden email]