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Trabajos con Octave
We are working with Octave over MS-DOS.
Now we have an executable file that is only has a part of the Octave functions.
Our purpose is to change Octave internaly because we want
some functions as a 'fft' to be executed in a DSP (but only if it is ventajous).

We need some information to do this:

What can be the best moment in Octave to put our functions?
   (the functions to decide if the 'fft' runs normaly or
    is better that the DSP do it. We need a point where the arguments
    of the function be known, not other function)

What data types are used in Octave?
    (we need know the integer and floating-point formats for the compatibility
     with the DSP)

Thank you.
      Chus and Raul.