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Vincent Paquette 514-340-6958

        I have trouble to install the binary distribution of
        octave-1.1.1-2.ELF, I did all "gzip -d" and "tar -xf"
        in the directory /usr/local/octave-1.1.1 .

        My problem is when I type this command :
        sh ./doinstall.sh
        in the directory /usr/local/octave-1.1.1#

        The error message is :

        doinstall.sh:unable to extract version number from Octave!

        I will greatly appreciate your help.
        Thank you in advance.

__Vincent [hidden email].ca________________________

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Ferdinand Schinagl


I had a similiar problem and I think that Your doinstall.sh fails because
your machine cannot start the octave executable. Just try to run the binary
manually and you'll probably see that the linker complains about some
undefined symbols. So you just have the wrong libraries installed: Have a
look at 'ldd ./octave'. But be aware of that upgrading your compiler/libraries
need not be a solution, some symbols are no longer part of the latest libs.
So the best way to get octave up and running is to compile it yourself.


Ferdinand Schinagl
Institut fuer Halbleiterphysik
Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz
A-4040 Linz
email:[hidden email]