octave version 0.71.1 is now available.

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octave version 0.71.1 is now available.

John Eaton-3
Octave version 0.71.1 is now available for ftp from ftp.che.utexas.edu
in the directory /pub/octave.  Compressed and gzipped tar files are
available along with patches from version 0.71.

This version fixes a couple of serious bugs that show up on Linux
systems and includes the source for dld that I accidentally omitted
from 0.71.

Please note that I would not recommend trying to compile Octave to use
dld unless you are interested in doing some hacking.

Also some people may have noticed that hidden line removal for 3D
plotting doesn't work quite right with version 3.2 of gnuplot.  It
should work correctly with version 3.3beta, so I've placed a copy of
the 3.3beta sources in /pub/graphics on ftp.che.utexas.edu.

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