proposal: WebSockets protocol contribution.

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proposal: WebSockets protocol contribution.

Marco Miretti
Hi there!

Since it's my first email sent to this mailing list, i'll introduce myself. My name is Marco, and i study electronic engineering in Argentina.

I'm working on an open source project that consists of remote experiments for control systems laboratories. I decided to develop part of it (the user interface) with Octave, but a key part of this would be the communication using the Websockets protocol.

I made some tests, and I'm positive that I can meet this goal using the Sockets package. I think that the WebSockets protocol could be useful for other octave users, so I thought of contributing to its development. I have some questions.

Would this contribution be in the interests of octave-forge?
Is it better to do this as a contribution to the sockets package? Or as a standalone package?

Thanks in advance!