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"pencils down" for bug fixes



A tremendous amount of work was done cleaning up Octave for release in the last week.  There were 22 bugs fixed from the must-fix list and many more smaller problems were dealt with (87 checkins in total).

There are only 3 remaining issues that really need addressing:

Owner:??? #40350 pager does not work on MacOSX
Owner:??? #40242 FLTK + GUI = crash on MacOSX
Owner:??? #40333 print with legend modifies axis position (gnuplot)

The first two make the GUI unworkable on the Mac platform.  jwe posted a possible solution that solves #40350.  It's uncertain whether it will also work for #40242.  If it does not, we will need to make arrangements in the build system to warn users, or possibly disable FLTK on Mac systems.  The final bug is preventing the images from the documentation from being built since we currently rely on gnuplot for that.  If no other solution is available we can generate the plot images with FLTK.  In any case, once the images are generated they do not change and are bundled into every tarball so it would only be a single maintainer who has to do this.