rational polynomials outside of control package?

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rational polynomials outside of control package?

I like working with Octave/Matlab's compact numerical polynomial form, and recently started doing some work with rational polynomials. I started working through some functions for multiplying and in particular, adding and simplifying rational polynomials using some of the built in polynomial and root finding functions. Before I got too far in was wondering if anyone had already done so. I could see a ratpoly class possibly being of some use.

I see that I could use tf objects for this and/or work symbolically, but at the moment am evaluating how practical it would be to keep this numerical and compatible with base Matlab.  (I know, self imposed handcuff.) 

My google-fu finds me some stuff for rat. poly curve fitting, but otherwise is lacking.

if you have recommended references for useful algorithms to do this, I'd appreciate a pointer.


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