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savefig / openfig?


Building the docs is now failing after savefig was added.

        doc/interpreter/plot.texi:6980: @ref reference to nonexistent node `XREFopenfig' (possibly involving @seealso)
        make[2]: *** [doc/interpreter/] Error 1

The seealso part of the doc-string refers to “openfig". This might be a typo, or you may be planning to push a new openfig.m function. I assume the latter, but thought I’d verify.

With the change below, my build completes.

diff --git a/scripts/plot/util/savefig.m b/scripts/plot/util/savefig.m
--- a/scripts/plot/util/savefig.m
+++ b/scripts/plot/util/savefig.m
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
 ## A third input argument will be accepted but ignored, for Matlab compatibility.
-## @seealso{hgsave, hdl2struct, openfig}
+## @seealso{hgsave, hdl2struct, open}
 ## @end deftypefn
 function savefig (varargin)