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svgalib: Can't get I/O permissions


I give up!  How can I set up my Linux box such that
any user can plot (via gnuplot, of course) to the
screen?  At present, only root can plot because the
normal users "Can't get I/O permission."

I've done what was mentioned in the README.svgalib,
which is "chmod +s prog-name".  I tried chmod +s
gnuplot, chmod +s octave, chmod +s /usr/local/lib/
octave/1.1.1/octave/i486something/octtoppm, and
everything else I could think of.

Users can, however, use gnuplot directly, which imples
to me that this has something to do with the pipe.  Does
the setuid work through a pipe?

glen e. ropella [hidden email]
             or [hidden email]