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windows install for upcoming release

looking at the wiki for Windows installation instructions [1], looking for a few clarifications as things have changed a bit over time. Please correct me if any of the following is incorrect:

1 - There is a note that starting with Octave 4.4.0 users must add --force-gui to any manual Windows shortcuts or the CLI will start by default.  I do not have that flag in my shortcuts, and the GUI starts by just calling 'octave.vbs'.  It seems this behavior has been changed and the instruction can be removed?

2 - there is no more 'octave.bat' file, only octave.vbs. assuming this to be correct, reference the .bat can be removed for starting octave.

3 - After using the executable installer, there's nothing else for the user to do except use the shortcuts created for him/her, correct? (Looking for confirmation, I only even use the zip archives...)

4 - for the zip/7z archives:  after unzipping, there are 6 different executable files in the octave root directory.  


while the general shortcut should be made to octave.vbs,  which of those files, and in what order, should the user run them? I know fc_update.bat was recommended, but I don't know what firsttime and post-install are intended to do.